Part 2 of our PyCon.DE 2018 series is about the current state of dependency management in Python: Which tools are present and how can they be used?

PyCon.DE is where Pythonistas in Germany can meet to learn about new and upcoming Python libraries, tools, software, and data science. In 2018 we had more than 500 participants in Karlsruhe, a city where approximately 3600 IT companies with more than 36000 jobs exist.

In the talk, we present some alternatives to pip, virtualenv together with requirements.txt files as your dependency management tools, like:

  • pip-compile
  • hatch
  • poetry
  • Pipenv

Afterward, you can decide which approach and/or tool is best suited for your use case.

Patrick Muehlbauer is a Software Engineer at Blue Yonder. He cares for resilient services and scalable architectures, which he did for quite some time in Blue Yonder’s platform team. Nowadays he is responsible for Blue Yonder’s customer-facing UI services.